Dinner Club! Agave- West Village, NYC

A group of girlfriends and I have been doing this little monthly get together for about three years now…it’s like book club, but there’s no books. We don’t cook for each other (this is Manhattan, we’re lucky to have a kitchen at all let alone one that could cook for 9 people). Instead, each month one of us “hosts” and picks a restaurant where we all meet up to swap work horror stories, gossip about which men we are dating/marrying and drink copious amounts of wine. This club predates my veganism and as much as I adore this group and our get togethers, it is sometimes hard to find something on the menus that I can eat.

As a vegan in NYC, there are many  many options for vegan restaurants. There’s the Candle chain for more upscale, there’s PeaceFood for hippie, and a plethora of other options. But if you’re like me and the majority of your friends are meat and cheese eaters, I’ll start documenting our Dinner Club restaurants for what is vegan friendly.


Last night we headed (all 11! of us) to Agave in the West Village. On 7th Avenue and West 10th, Agave has a ton of tequila selections, great outdoor seating and surprisingly good food! The restaurant was so great to work with – our big group made reservations only a few days before the dinner and of course called about three times to change it on the day of as some of us got stuck at work, were running late, etc. Now, I often feel sorry for people who happen to be at the restaurant when we’re having dinner club. Because lots of girls + lots of wine = LOUD NOISES. Agave was especially smart in this respect and gave us our own room without us asking. They let us plug one of our phones in to play music and the service was very attentive. But enough about ambiance and service – the most important thing is the food right?


We started with quac for the table which was amazing. And I ordered the grilled veggie fajitas with a side of black beans instead of rice (girl has to get some protein in there!). Everything was super fresh and soooo good. There was some sort of spicy almost BBQ-ish sauce that came on the side. It also came with more quac (plus!) and of course I ordered without the sour cream.




I tried out the auto-night setting on the t4i (after lots of wine focusing is hard enough on my own let alone with a camera lens!) Everyone was raving about their apps and entrees (not just veggie me) and everything was presented well and looked amazing. If you’re downtown, definitely check out Agave. Enjoy!


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