Home Bittersweet Home

I’m back in the city after what was an absolutely perfect trip! I spent 4 days in Los Angeles and 4 days in Napa Valley. I had a blast – so many delicious meals and wines, some great excursions – being back home is great, but I have a bit of vacation foggy sadness that it’s over.

I wanted to do a bit of an overview before diving into each and every post/restaurant review so I wouldn’t have to repeat myself with each new post. (And how boring would it be for you to re-read the overview each time?!)

I will not blog every meal I ate – because that’s boring! Instead, I’ll give a few tips for some locations, and full reviews for meals that are worth writing about. Full disclosure – I had a couple breakfasts/lunches in between excursions grabbing something at Whole Foods because let’s face it, sometimes you just need something reliable and fast. (and might I add –  the Venice Whole Foods is AMAZING)

Every restaurant I went to while on vacation was pre-vetted by yours truly. I spent a lot of time researching, cross referencing yelp and trip advisor with menupages and zagat. I wanted all my dining experiences to be good and easy to vegan-ize. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your hotel room on your iPhone looking for a place to go to dinner – looking out the window and realizing you’re missing a perfect sunset and ruining your trip! Hopefully if you find yourself in either of these areas, I’ll have saved you a bit of research time.

And of course no post would be complete without at least some visuals – so I leave you with a few snapshots of my gluttonous trip.  IMG_0255IMG_0481IMG_0382 IMG_0405P1020650 IMG_0581 IMG_0572


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