Do Hwa – West Village

It is always difficult finding a place that I can eat along side meat lovers and we’ll all be happy. But Do Hwa in the West Village has become one of my staples – especially when I’ve got serious carnivores in tow and we’re looking to go out after dinner. Do Hwa not only has great food, but also a really great cocktail menu. And being conveniently located at 55 Carmine – it’s a good central location to meet up and start the night.

IMG_0901On my latest trip, I had a friend visiting from out-of-town who not only is a huge meat-eater, but also half Korean. I know Do Hwa has always been good at accommodating a group (there were 6 of us total) especially on late notice — I got a reservation the same day. The service is always good and fast and the place is reasonably priced considering its location.

R and I decided to split a couple appetizers and an entrée and were stuffed and happy as clams after dinner. We ordered Jap Che – sautéed sweet potato glass noodles with veggies and Dubu Jun – pan-fried tofu with scallion vinaigrette for starters.

IMG_0907 IMG_0906 As the main we had the classic Bibimbop – which is rice, veggies and tofu served in a hot pot with chili sauce. Traditionally it comes with an egg that cooks in the hot-pot, but of course we ordered without it.

IMG_0909 IMG_0911 IMG_0913

I’m still mastering the low-light situations with the new camera, but I think you at least get some idea of how everything looked. And if you find yourself in the West Village, you should absolutely check Do Hwa out.


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