Poor Clean Pup

Is there really anything sadder than this look on Madison’s face?


She hates baths. Hates being brushed, hates being wet, hates it when you even say the word “bath.” I don’t know how she figured out the word “bath” so quickly but for years and years when she hears the word, her ears get pressed back, her tail tucks under, and she does this – what I call slink. A slow walk toward me, trying to squish down as small as she can get like she’s trying to be invisible. It was time for her bath the other night and when it was over she just looked so pathetic I had to pull out the camera and document. And how could I not share her humiliation with the internet? 


IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1388But it doesn’t all end badly – she got a treat and enjoyed a good roll around on her towel and got to cuddle up in the bed while she dried. And she smells so much better!


7 responses to “Poor Clean Pup

  1. My puppy rolled in some poop this morning and needed a bath. I can only get him to do it nicely with copious amounts of treats. And he’s not as cute as your pooch when wet! (But he is 30+ lbs at only 15 weeks…!)

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