Vegan Thanksgiving – A Test Run

Last year for Thanksgiving I labored all day over the meal, making three separate dishes I’d never made before and panicking when they weren’t all done at the same time. This year I decided to take a test-run beforehand so I wasn’t in the same stressed out state when the day finally comes. Think of this as a sneak peak – I’ll get each recipe up individually in the next day or two, but I was so excited that everything turned out I simply had to post at least a couple shots of my success.


I don’t see the point in tofurky or any other replica of the bird. Let’s all call a spade a spade and fess up to the fact that nothing will taste like turkey. Deal? Deal. So instead I decided to take a different approach to the “meat” and came up with maple pumpkin seed crusted tofu with a cranberry orange compote. It has all the fall flavors plus that Thanksgiving-friendly cranberry. It came out much better than I expected and is gluten-free!


For the side, I figured who needs a turkey to stuff? Why not just stuff a squash? Which is exactly what I did. I veganized (is that a word?) mom’s easy and delicious stuffing recipe, put it in the squash and voila! Tastes just like traditional Thanksgiving without the guilt.


Now, the only trick will be to replicate in a couple weeks and add in dessert and perhaps some garlic mashed potatoes… What are you planning for Thanksgiving?


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