“Gone Fishing” – Traveling South East Asia

First of all, let me get in an adorable puppy shot. Because this week was Cinco de Mayo and I couldn’t help but embarrass the dog with it. I saved this teeny tiny hat from my friend Katie’s birthday party with Madison’s little head in mind. And I’m so glad I did. How precious is that face?!


But now – to business. The day is finally here – I’m leaving for a 15 day excursion to Vietnam, Cambodia, & Thailand. Unfortunately, I was hoping that by the time I expected to publish this post, that I would be in the air. The flight was delayed 13 hours. THIRTEEN WHOLE HOURS! I was completely devastated at first. I have been planning and plotting this trip since November and my friends arrive in Hanoi Sunday morning, the idea of not being able to meet up with them until Monday makes me so sad. The only only reason I’m not completely devastated now is because for some strange twist of life working in mysterious ways, my best friend (who currently lives in LA) happens to be traveling to Hong Kong for work and lands exactly one hour after I am scheduled to now! I’m missing the last flight out to Hanoi Sunday night so I’ll be celebrating my actual birthday having dinner with my oldest friend in Hong Kong. How crazy is that?

This will actually be the first time I’ve taken 15 consecutive days off of work since, well, I started my professional career, and I’m not even sure what to expect! So what will we be up to? Well, we’re hitting up Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, and Ho Chi Minh – all in Vietnam. Then Siem Reap, Cambodia. Then off to the beaches in Khao Lak, Thailand and wrapping up for a couple days in Bangkok. It will be quite the whirlwind.

I will likely be documenting some of the trip along the way on social media (instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter). If you’re down to follow along – check all of the posts out with #FunFestSEAsia. Why Fun Fest? Well, there’s an entire backstory there. It all started in 2010 when a group of my friends and I headed on a whirlwind tour of the California coast and our email chains started with the subject line “Fun Fest Goes West.” Now, there’s been a Fun Fest Midwest, a Fun Fest Jamaica, a brief Fun Fest NYC, & now the epic Fun Fest Southeast Asia. Yes, it may be a bit strange. But it’s fun. And festive. Which, of course, equals FunFest!

So what will I be doing with the blog for this time? Well, I didn’t want it to go completely dark, so I have crafted a couple mashups of my favorite recipes and restaurants, and I reached out to one of my favorite bloggers for a guest post. Sophia at Love and Lentils is wonderful and oh so generous for putting together a guest post for Girl Eats Greens while I’m away. I was so excited when I received her post, I wanted to publish it immediately! So make sure to check back in next Saturday for Sophia’s Very Berry Raw Pie.


I mean, how could you NOT be excited for this post? I sure am. For now, I’m off and out of touch with the blogosphere but please feel free to continue to comment, because I love love LOVE hearing all your thoughts, and I’ll do my best to answer them all when I return. Until next time – I leave you with another puppy shot. Because it’s just too goofy not to.





3 responses to ““Gone Fishing” – Traveling South East Asia

  1. Have a safe wonderful trip! I love the puppy photos! What a little doll! Cannot wait to hear all about what you did, got to see and of course ate!

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