Travel Tuesday: Khao Lak Market, Thailand

Almost missed Tuesday this week! Work has been busy and life has been busy and I’m shocked I actually managed to sit down and write this up before the night passed me by. On one of the days we actually managed to get off the beach while relaxing in Thailand, we headed to the local market for some haggling, street food, and overall cultural experience. 


There were locals and tourists alike, with more food than I could even identify. It was a short taxi ride from our hotel and only took place a couple times a week, which is probably why it was such a popular stop. The front of the market had hut upon hut of food offerings while the back part had all sorts of goods for purchase. I walked out with a new turquoise necklace I had originally intended on buying for my mom but liked it too much to give up. We also picked up a couple of fun bamboo bowls that might someday make an appearance on the blog, and some souvenirs for family and friends.

Thai-Market-6Thai-Market-1 We couldn’t come all this way and not try out some street food and I was already taking antibiotics so at this point I figured I what did I have to lose? One of my favorite parts of the food on all our travels was how often we had access to delicious spring rolls. This stop was no exception. There was a little stand at the market with all kinds of spring rolls. I, of course, opted for a veggie roll.

Thai-Market-Spring-roll-2 Thai-Market-Spring-RollNext up, we continued on our adventurous food-eaten-with sticks kick and decided to take part in a meat-on-a-stick stand. Well, meat for me is tofu, but the same idea applies. There was an entire pile of assorted meats on sticks and I was happily surprised by the tofu laying next to everything else. I was extremely excited by the tofu finding – I hadn’t seen a lot of tofu on the trip so far and having it so freely available (and on a stick!) made it irresistible.

Thai-Market-Tofu-2 Thai-Market-Tofu-1For dessert we decided to get pancakes – which the  making of turned out to be quite entertaining. The pancakes were actually more like crepes and the woman making them used her bare hands on a hot griddle to bake the batter. It was drizzled with coconut milk and had a banana filling. Despite the unsanitary conditions during the preparation of the pancakes, I couldn’t help but try a bite. They were pretty darn delicious – if I do say so.

Thai-Market-Pancake-5 Thai-Market-Pancake-3 Thai-Market-Pancake-1It was quite the adventure sending a couple hours wandering around the market and surprisingly – none of us felt sick from any of the street food. If you ever find yourself in Khao Lak and the market happens to be open, you should definitely swing by. And be super adventurous. Try as many foods as you like!




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