Stack’d Burger Bar – Milwaukee, WI

I know, how did I find something to eat at a place in Wisconsin with “Burger Bar” in the name? I have to say, Stack’d takes gluttony to a whole new level. Or perhaps I just hadn’t been to the motherland in a while. When I was back in town for my dear friend’s wedding, I spent the day after with my folks. With a little googling beforehand, I found this amazing place which was not only a great wedding hangover cure, but also comfortably accommodated me the vegan, my gluten-free dad, and my omnivorous mother.


And since the wedding festivities didn’t end until 2am, I was in desperate need of a little hair of the dog. One thing I love about Wisconsin is the people there know their booze. Want a giant bloody mary? Done. (and did I mention it comes with a beer chaser?) Speaking of beer, look at this giant menu JUST for beer. Seriously, it was bigger than the food menu.

IMG_1927 IMG_1933

I ordered the vegan scramble – vegan chorizo with potatoes and peppers. I’m pretty sure the menu said it also came with squash and zucchini, but didn’t see a real vegetable other than the potato. (And does that really count as a vegetable?)



Dad had a regular burger with a gluten-free bun. And they fried all of our fries in a separate fryer so they would all also be gluten-free. And gluten free beer? They have that too.

IMG_1944 IMG_1930

The service was great, the food was great – but made me happy I’m not around all that often. If I ate like this every day I’d no longer fit in my clothes. In true Wisconsin form, I was full for hours. Literally. I didn’t even eat a real meal again until the next day (I snacked a little on the plane, but nothing substantial). That made me one satisfied customer and was exactly what we were looking for on that particular day. If you find yourself in the area and in need of some hangover curing (and a view of the Packer game) check it out!



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