Cafe-Style Vegan Eats in Flatiron

After a particularly strenuous Saturday morning gym class, my dear friend and I were on the look out for quick and easy vegan eats. On account of the rigorous barefoot bootcamp, I was in no mood to wait for food. I needed immediate sustenance and so we settled on cafe-style vegan at Terri. It was really the menu online that got us – “egg” “sausage” and “cheese” sandwiches. One of my favorite weekend rituals pre-vegan was the weekends grabbing a quick egg sandwich from the deli around the corner, and slathering it with hot sauce. Seeing as though I have yet to come up with an egg substitute that can really fix that egg craving, Terri was even more appealing. We headed over immediately.


As far as ambiance goes – well this is a cafe. A couple of stools and a serve yourself drink case are about all the ambiance there is. It’s connected to a giant apartment building that apparently also has a gym, so the clientele was largely folks coming from the gym for a smoothie, (which made for interesting people watching). But it is much more of a take-out joint than a sip your coffee and contemplate the meaning of life place. But the food came out fast and that’s what I was really looking for.

I ordered the “egg” “sausage” and “cheeses” on an English muffin with a side of hot sauce. As far as fake everything goes – this was pretty delicious. Especially when slathered in hot sauce. There was a vegan hollandaise sauce too, but it didn’t have a ton of flavor. The tofu was a bit bland, but the cheese and the sausage was good. It definitely hit the spot. (again – add hot sauce!)


My friend made a great choice by adding avocado to her egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich. The avocado was a great addition, giving the sandwich more texture and flavor. I couldn’t help but steal a bite. She also went with a side of sweet potatoes, which were perfect.

f4195520 f4217600 f4206400And what meal is complete without a little sweet? We treated ourselves to a cider donut to reward ourselves for getting out of bed on Saturday before 11. This might have been the highlight. Perfectly moist and sugary and definitely a splurge. (though I’m pretty sure it was baked not fried, so not as bad as it could be!)

f4270912 f4259328 f4281856

All in all, I have to say the food was definitely decent and if I lived in the area I would absolutely be a regular for take-out. But I wouldn’t travel down to Flatiron just to eat there. That said, if I’m in the area, I’ll won’t hesitate to swing by again.


4 responses to “Cafe-Style Vegan Eats in Flatiron

  1. yum yum yum yum ……..this reminds me of some really good brunch food that I recently had at the A N D cafe. If you’re ever in PDX, you should try them. Yummy. I want that cider donut! And I don’t even like donuts!

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