The Light Dilemma (+ an excuse for puppy pics)

Can I just say thank you to whoever came up with daylight savings time? Thank you! I have been struggling all winter with getting good photos going during the week. Why? Lack of sunlight. There’s really just no better way to enhance food or any kind of photo than to be drowning in natural light. The problem with winter is there is no light after about 5pm. Which means I can never get home from the office, whip up a meal, and have good photographs to share. It’s something I’ve been struggling with – do I deal with less than stellar photos or try to pack in a few new recipes over the weekend when I can cook in daylight? Well, that’s always a hard option too since I don’t want to spend all weekend every weekend cooking, baking, trying and erroring and then leaving a ton of food laying around that needs to be eaten. But before I lament any more, let me show you what I’m talking about.


Take these photos, of the pup lounging on the back of the couch the other night. They’re decent, if not at a somewhat strange angle.

IMG_3859 IMG_3856

But they just don’t pop. And then there’s these, taken during the daytime, at about 2 or 3pm. They just feel so much better.


It could be that I’m just not that great with the white balancing or settings when not in natural light. I have to admit, I haven’t always been the best with figuring out how to make up for the lack of natural light. I absolutely hate using a flash and refuse to do so. When I do try to take photos without daylight, I turn every single light I have in the kitchen on. And I even bring in a lamp from the bedroom for an extra boost. It’s still not the same.


This is all to say, I guess, that when the clock moved forward this weekend I was thrilled. The idea of having the ability to photograph until at least 7pm makes me one happy camper. At least for the next few months.

To my fellow bloggers and photographers – how do you handle a lack of natural light? Oh! I almost forgot. If you haven’t already – head over to my chia seed giveaway. Today’s the last day to enter! The winner will be announced on Thursday. Good luck to all!


8 responses to “The Light Dilemma (+ an excuse for puppy pics)

  1. Oh my goodness, I love these pictures! So darn cute! I have to rely on natural light and it’s so important because I exclusively use my iPhone!

  2. UGH I know! I just wait until I have a day off and photograph for my posts then which is torture when I get something yummy in the mail I want to post but can’t devour until a have a day off! If it’s super dark inside I just go outside and find the best light. Cute puppy!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles with this! I actually hadn’t thought about going outside to find better light, you may have just inspired me! (I guess my neighbors would think I’m pretty weird photographing a plate of food on the sidewalk…)

  3. I love yorkies 🙂 They are so darn cute! Our yorkie Vuk (means wolf in Serbian) loves healthy food and my mommy specially makes him home-made soup every single week that she freezes and puts over his “special” yorkie food. He’s totally spoilt by everyone in our family. He loves blueberries and strawberries in particular!

    If you’re having a problem with natural lighting check out this blog post here:

    Definitely looks helpful and I’ve seen a few bloggers doing it 🙂 I have ZILCH natural light in my home so definitely wanna start doing this too. hehe.

    • Awesome – thank you so so much! I’ll definitely check it out. I’m ok in the summer but in the winter, man, it’s rough! I love that you have a yorkie too. Aren’t they so sweet and cuddly? Mads is always happy as long as she’s right next to you – or even better- on your lap!

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