Foodie Heaven at Smorgasburg – Williamsburg, Brooklyn {Pt 2}

Now you may or may not be waiting with baited breath for part two of my jaunt over to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. If you missed the first round check it out here. If you remember how amazing and awesome the first round of Smorgasburg was, let’s get to round two!


This time, I took my parents across the river for some food exploration while they were in town for the Easter weekend. Smorgasburg was the perfect location for all of us. Me, being vegan, my dad, who has celiac, and my mom – who, well, will eat pretty much anything if it looks good. There were so many options for all of us that it was simply perfect.


My dad quickly found the one gluten-free bakery, and he even joined me at my first course – which was a beet slider by Chickpea and Olive. They had a gluten-free bread option, so my dad must have been feeling extra adventurous, as he ordered even before I did!


I have to say the Phatty Beet Slider has inspired me to to try to and recreate my own. It was made with lentils, beets and rice. It was delicious – messy – but delicious. I had to eat it with the fork… but it was totally worth it. The sliders come in three different flavors. I went for the polka which adds roast mushrooms, pickled red and caramelized onions with horseradish aioli and tomato. It was phenomenal.


One thing I did find extremely entertaining is that with the slider you had the choice to upgrade to a “regular burger” size and then it comes sandwiched between a donut. I didn’t attempt that, but if you’re into a meaty donut, by all means, try it out!


For the second course I wanted to try out another vegan food stand – the Regal Vegan. As I walked by the stand I noticed one of the women frying something, which upon further examination I found was a cashew cheese. Fried cheese? Yes please!

IMG_4602 IMG_4603

The cheese was served on top of a delicious bed of kale. And was somewhat reminiscent of goat cheese. Now, I hate goat cheese. But this was awesome. It was kind of crispy on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside, which is what I think people who like goat cheese like about it? Mixed with the saltiness of the kale, it made the most amazing salad I’ve had in quite a long time. This might be a bit hard to believe, but this salad was probably my most favorite thing at Smorgasburg. Is it strange that of all the amazing foods at Smorgasburg my favorite was a kale salad? Maybe. But then again, maybe you’ve never had the kale salad from the Regal Vegan.



For dessert, my mom found a mini key lime pie that she was raving over. If it had been vegan friendly I would have loved to try. It looked perfect, and they had a lot of different flavors too. If you’re down with cheesecakes or pies, you must check out this stand. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of the stand, but I’m sure you could find it if you were there.

IMG_4598 IMG_4599

I had to bring home some extras again for R, who unfortunately was working both times I hit up Smorgasburg. I brought back Pipcorn again, and also some of the most awesome saltwater taffy I’ve ever had. Did you know that saltwater taffy can be made vegan? Honestly, I didn’t know what was in regular saltwater taffy, but once I saw the vegan coconut option I was all in.

IMG_4438 IMG_4439


And I have to say – is that Salty Road knows their taffy. It was perfect. Just the right amount of sweet mixed in with the occasional saltiness. R and I ate the entire box within a few days. I may have to take another trip all the way out to Brooklyn just for another dose. Just look at how ooey gooey delicious this is! Definitely worth a trip to another borough.

IMG_4447 IMG_4448 IMG_4451

My parents had as great of time as all of my girlfriends and I did, but then again, how could you not enjoy a place that has a million different food options and (on these trips) beautiful weather? I can’t believe I’m saying this – but I can’t wait to get back to Brooklyn and try even more treats.


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