Beyond Sushi – Dinner in Midtown

There are a few items that are always a go-to for me as a vegan. Sushi is one of them. No matter the restaurant, they always at least have edamame. Most will also have a veggie roll of some sort or at least (sometimes begrudgingly) make up an avocado roll for me. I’ve always been quite content with the offerings at standard fish-focused sushi joints. After all, it’s sushi. I know what I’m getting in to. So when a good meat-eating friend of mine said she had been to a vegan sushi place that she loved, I was shocked. First, I was shocked that she has another vegan friend who she’s clearly been hiding from me. And second, that there was vegan sushi out there good enough that her meat-eating taste buds really really wanted to go again.

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Let me introduce you to Beyond Sushi. The meat-eaters vegan sushi. They have a couple of locations in the city, and a recently opened on in Midtown, near my office. Which is how I ended up there one night to take check out this raving recommendation. At first glance, it’s a glorified take-out place. There’s literally three tables and a counter, and most of the clientele appear to be picking up orders or taking out. Not date-friendly. But very friendly for a quick bite and catch up (sans alcohol). But the food… the FOOD.

Beyond Sushi New York City NYC Vegan Girl Eats Greens_0017

As someone who is pretty creative with vegetables (or at least likes to think so), I was blown away by the options. Topped with jalapeno wasabi? Check. Marsala mushrooms? Check. “Spicy Veggies?” Yes please! Seriously, the creativity in these rolls blows my mind. I want to go back again and again just to keep trying different options. They’ve got a good special where you do a small wrap (spring roll) and a regular roll for like $10, which is what both my friend and I ordered. We both got the Spicy Shroom wrap – which was definitely spicy and so so good. It had noodles, different kinds of mushrooms and a sweet teriyaki something going on that paired really well with the spice.

Beyond Sushi New York City NYC Vegan Girl Eats Greens_0019

I also went with the Green Machine roll – which had asparagus and basil to name just two of the ingredients. And the whole thing was topped with some sort of jalapeno wasabi something that was insane. I mean, the flavors. So. Many. Flavors!! It’s literally like a party in your mouth. Nothing overpowers anything else, it’s just a really great combination of flavors happening all at the same time. I also had the “piece of the month” which at the time was a mushroom marsala with some sort of truffle addition. Seriously. Insane.

Beyond Sushi New York City NYC Vegan Girl Eats Greens_0015

I already can’t wait to go back to this place, or at least order takeout. It’s a totally cheap option (by NYC standards) for an insanely good and nutritious meal that fills you up and gives you absolutely no guilt or regrets about eating it. The next time you’re looking for something a bit different, a bit crazy, and a LOT delicious definitely give Beyond Sushi a try. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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4 responses to “Beyond Sushi – Dinner in Midtown

  1. I used to work by Chelsea market where I discovered Beyond Sushi! Their food is so cool, I always love watching them prepare the sushi 😀

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