Caramelizing Onions

As I’ve mentioned in numerous recipe posts – I’m not a huge fan of onions. Though I recently thought I should try to caramelize some and see if that changed my outlook on them – and boy did it ever. There’s something about them all warm and sweet that makes me think I’m not even eating onions anymore. I’ve tossed them on pizza and in a salad, and I have to admit, I may be an onion convert. (Now if there was only some fix to slicing them… they get me every time!)

IMG_0922The actual caramelizing process is super easy. Slice your onions real thin, add one TBS olive oil to the pan per onion and then just cook on low for EVER. Literally. It feels like forever. So if you don’t have patience, then this is not the food for you. But if you’ve got nothing else to do (or are catching up on some TV) caramelize yourself some onions. Toss them in the fridge and they’ll be there for at least a few days while you figure out what you want to do with them. (I say a few days because I’ve never had them last longer than that – meaning I eat them before they have a chance to turn on me)

IMG_0929IMG_0931 IMG_0932 I used 2 and a half smallish onions and 2 TBS olive oil and tossed everything in a skillet on low  heat. I got up from the TV about every 5 minutes or so to stir them up to ensure an even cooking.

IMG_0932 IMG_0934 IMG_0935 IMG_0936 IMG_0937Notice the difference with each photo – each was taken at a 15 minute increment, with the last being at the hour mark when they were finally done. As I said, not for the impatient. But definitely worth it if you have the time. Because aren’t you now thinking of ways to eat them? I know I am…




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