Veggie Excitement – CSA Delivery Day

Happy Friday the 13th! If I was superstitious I wouldn’t leave the house today…especially after getting stuck in an elevator for a while at work yesterday. Speaking of work, things have been insanely busy there lately, and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. I was so excited that the CSA came last night, but was soaked from the commute home in the epic thunderstorms and couldn’t come up with something quick enough off the top of my head to make a good meal like I did last time around. (So I roasted a couple ears of sweet corn that were delivered, opened a bottle of Cakebread chardonnay and ordered in sushi).


But I couldn’t help but at least capture my latest bounty. I’m already dreaming about tomatillo salsa (after I figured out what a tomatillo looked like – thanks Twitter and @TomHolowka!). I can’t wait to figure out some great little meals to make out of all of this deliciousness. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a few shots of everything. And try to get whatever I do make out of it up on the blog in a somewhat reasonable time frame.


And please – if anyone has any suggestions for what to do with everything here- I’m all ears!! CSA-Peppersngreens


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