Las Paletas – Nashville, TN

I found myself in Nashville, TN last weekend with a few hours to kill before my flight and luckily for me – my good friend Joe is currently living there pursuing his music dreams. He’s just as much a foodie as I am (or have become) and brought me to the most amazing popsicle place I’ve ever been to. I didn’t even know there were stores that only served popsicles and my mind was blown with this one.

IMG_1186 IMG_1181IMG_1180

The storefront was pretty nondescript, but the inside was super cute with colorful ceiling hangings and chalkboards to show today’s flavors. They had a bunch of really creative options to choose from like creamy basil, rose petal and hot chocolate with chili. But the one that really caught my eye (and was vegan) was the pineapple with chili. Joe went with the creamy basil which he said tasted amazing and like pesto. Frozen pesto? I guess. I’m a fan of most things green at this point, so I could get behind that.

IMG_1184 IMG_1183

But pineapple chili really stole my heart and tastebuds. There’s something about a little heat and sweet that was just an amazing combination that had my brain trying to compute what was going on in my mouth. And the texture was great – like pureed pineapple and not at all reminiscent of Mr. Freezies. Seriously, this thing is addicting. I’ve been home less than 36 hours and already I want another one.

IMG_1185 IMG_1182


I’m hoping before this summer is officially over I’m able to replicate these. Otherwise, I may have to hop a flight to Nashville…


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